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The Gold Coast Ships Ltd team has vast experience in aluminium shipbuilding as well operational experience in the commercial fast ferry industry. We were the first fully Australian owned aluminium boat builder in Thailand.

Based in Chonburi, Thailand, Gold Coast Ships Ltd specialises in aluminium vessel construction up to 45m.

We also have access to the best Naval Architects in the world to deliver the latest efficient hull forms for any requirement.

                  Pre cut kit sets are now available.

    Australian and international quality designs.

Vessels built to IACS codes or NSCV

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     Tel: 61(0) 412 295 595



       Gold Coast Ships Ltd

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Shipping Worldwide

Approved designs

14m Crew

   High speed military patrol

WATER TAXIS                   CREW BOATS                          OSV's WITH DP                        HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY

FERRIES                            LANDING CRAFT                     CRUISE VESSELS                    PRIVATE VESSELS

ROPAX                               FIRE VESSELS                         WINDFARM                               MILITARY PATROL


Coral Viewing

24m Fast Ferry -

31m Wave Piercer - 250 pax

Best value and best designs by qualified Naval Architects